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Stories Are More Important Than Facts

You instantly connect with your audience the moment you engage them in a story.

Having multiple stories and vignettes throughout your speech is like subtly putting your audience in and out of hypnotic trances.

“Once upon a time…” Do you remember that phrase? Didn’t that automatically tell you a story was coming?

Well, that works for kids and it works for adults just the same.

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  1. Adewale

    Hello sir,
    Am Adewale samuel Abiala,i was born ini nigeria and its my dream to become a motivator speaker i need your assistance on how to get started i was born about 30 years ago and have been trying to fix myself up in good manners.
    I knew am good in speaking basically on counseling ,i will be glad if you can tell me on hot to commence and i wish to be in any motivating qualified school,i really need your assistance .
    please get back to me its very essential to my life.

  2. Adewale

    Hello Sir,
    Good morning to you, Am Adewale Samuel Abiala by name ,Am a secondary school holder and iwish to be a motivator speaker in future o earn a living …………..i reside is lagos state Nigeria and i was born there for about 30 years ago,have been doing my things in my own way ………..i tried all my possible best to find a way out in order to be connect with you then i decided to search on internet and i got your information..
    Please sir,i will be glad to read back from you maybe you can help me out in any means.
    God bless



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