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One thing you have to keep in mind is, meeting planners are looking for credibility when it comes to hiring a motivational speaker.  In fact, being an expert with strong credibility is a shortcut for most meeting planners. Well, it’s the reality for any business. But since this blog is about becoming a motivational speaker, take it as a direct advice to you.

Now, how do you become a credible expert?

Well, there are many ways. And I don’t think I can cover all of them here. But, here’s the best one: WRITE A BOOK! Sorry if the capital letters insinuate that I am shouting. I just happen to strongly believe a book can help you get to the top faster.

I know you might think it’s overwhelming to write a book. Let me tell you this, it isn’t that hard at all. Most people think it’s hard because they try to cram their entire brain in just a few pages. They put two, three, or four books in one book.

Here’s a quick tip: Keep it simple. Write a beginner’s guide. (Never assume people know the basics!) Then make your next book the more advanced one. Do you get my point? All you need is a book. Anything from 40 to 90 pages would do. Of course, you have to have a great cover for you book. You also need quality and well edited content.

Let’s see… Have you ever heard people say, “A book is judged by its cover?” That is true. It is unfortunate but it’s true.

So, go ahead start working on your book now. It’s the best investement you will ever make. And it will help your speaking career soar! Meeting planners will assume you have the answer to their problems because you wrote a book on the subject. I know, I know… Yes, even if it’s a small book.