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Yes, the speaking industry has dramatically changed. But that doesn’t mean the industry is dead. There are way more opportunities today than ever.

Everything on my calendar is cancelled because of social distancing. What I have going for me is coaching and virtual presentations through Zoom.

Of course, I don’t get paid 10K anymore for one virtual presentation anymore. But, the numbers still add up. And there are other opportunities are surfacing.

Besides, I don’t have to get on an airplane. That’s beautiful. I was getting tired of jet lags anyway. I remember having four speaking engagements back to back.

One day I was on the West Coast and the next day I was on the East Coast. I was so exhausted and disoriented.

As of now, I’m working on packaging my knowledge as courses on relevant topics for the same companies I was presenting for. It seems like everybody is going virtual now.

By the way, diversity/inclusion is a hot topic these days. I’m getting a lot of requests for that topic.

You can quickly update your knowledge and tackle diversity. Read some books. Take some courses. There are also tons of videos on YouTube about it.

Just add your own personal experiences, insights, and observations. Everybody else is doing the same thing. Nothing is original. Granted you have to enjoy the topic.

✅ Here’s a little secret that the top speakers would NEVER reveal to you:

Most companies don’t really care that you are the definitive expert on the topic. They just want to check the box, so they don’t get sued. Do you see what I mean?

✅ Here’s what you need to do:

You need to learn about livestreaming and be a good presenter so you can look professional. After that, just start submitting proposals online.

As one of my mentors always says, “Just say yes. Then figure out how to deliver it.”

Thankfully, I had already mastered virtual presentations. I’m way ahead of many speakers who are not tech-savvy.

In fact, I’m now coaching a lot of speakers and executives on how to livestream properly. Thus, another income source.

✅ $128 Billion Dollar Industry

The reality is, the knowledge business is currently a $129 billion dollar industry. And it’s climbing. Heck, it’s probably going to eventually replace the school systems.

A lot of young people don’t want to go to college anymore. They just want to buy courses and rapidly master any skill.

When LinkedIn bought, the largest educational platform online, and Microsoft bought LinkedIn, we should have known something was up.

Here’s an insight for you: Tell yourself this crisis is happening for you; not to you. That will give you the power to seize the opportunities available.

Somehow, God will make sure it’s happening for you. As you know, whatever you are saying to yourself is your reality. It’s a form of prayer. And every prayer is answered.

Simply put, decide to be a victor instead of a victim. That alone will force you to think of better ideas to make a difference in the world.

As I always say, the bigger the difference, the more money. Besides, it’s never about the money. It’s about helping others solve their problems.

Money is only an indicator we are making a difference one way or another. It’s too bad most people tend to be obsessed over money.

In reality money is just the effect of a cause. Even so, there’s a cause behind the cause the product money. That’s called mind. It’s where EVERYTHING is created.

What are you struggling with right now! Let me know.


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