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Here’s a valuable speaking tip: Record every speech!

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran public speaker record everything. That how you grow. That’s how you make progress. As a public speaker or I should say motivational speaker, you need to have a library of your speeches.

Now, you will get tired of hearing yourself. Or maybe I should point out that you won’t like hearing yourself. But that’s not my point. There’s a vital reason why I want you to record your speeches. Here it is:

Often time you will find yourself using a story, vignette, or a funny line for a period of time. Then for whatever reason, you stop using it. I don’t care if you have been speaking for five years or one month. It will happen to you.

One day, I went to my library and discovered an old tape. It was from back when I started in 1998. As I was listening to it, I discovered a very funny and moving vignette (short story) I used to share with my audiences. It was working. I have no idea why I stopped using it. I guess it was because I was not carefully monitoring my progress.

Please buy you one of those digital recorders by Olympus from Amazon and a lavaliere wireless microphone to hook up to it. Start recording everything. That’s one of my public speaking tips that is very valuable. Here’s exactly what you need to record:

ws_100_olympus olympus_recorder lavalier wireless microphone
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The reason I love this little recorder so much is because once you record with it, you just pull it apart and one end of it becomes a USB with your file on it. Just plug into your computer and drag the audio files. The audio quality is superb. You don’t need to enhance it. It’s ready to go on a CD to sell as a product.

Often time, you find yourself saying something impromptu and voila the audience react to it amazingly well. If you don’t capture that sound bite, it will be very hard to reproduce it. By the way, this is not just a public speaking tip. It’s for everything you do in life. Monitor and measure your progress. That’s how we grow.

This tip is a power one among the many public speaking tips I have for you!