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On Demand Book Publishing

Okay, in the post that preceded this one (Why You Should Not Get Your Book Published By A Publisher) I told you the big publishers are becoming more and more a big joke as it relates to publishing your book.

Now, I want to persuade you to publish and print your own book so you can keep all the money. And, you can still look like you are published by a big publisher. The secret is on demand book publishing. That puts you totally in charge. Here’s what I mean:

You decide what goes in your book. I say this because when a good friend of mine got his book back from Random House, he didn’t recognize the book he originally wrote. They made so many changes to it that the book was completely disfigured.

Here’s the thing: Not only the big publishers will completely disfigure the book you write, you would have to wait a long time to finally get your book published and out to the public.

On Demand Book Publishing Allows You To Call The Shot

You can get going and have your book out in less than 6 months. You can even do it in 30 days.

Do you remember in the previous I told you that authors who use a big publishing houses only average $1 per book? That means you have to sell 100,000 books in order to make $100,000. Well, guess what?

When I sell my book, I profit about $20 per book. I only need to sell 5,000 books to make $100,000. Are you with me so far? Now, to sell 5,000 copies, you have to really market the book.

Fortunately, I don’t have to promote my book. I simply promote my speaking. And every time I speak I sell a bunch of books. I also can afford to give away lots of books to keep promoting my speaking.

You might remember in one of the free videos I sent you, I encouraged you to use your book as your business card. Do you remember that? Well, it wouldn’t be possible for you to do so if a big publishing house publishes your book. It would cost you way too much money.

The Speaking And Book Writing Field Are Now Wide Open

Consider yourself lucky because you’re launching your speaking, coaching, and book writing empire in the digital age. The barrier to entry has been drastically lowered. Today, you don’t need a stack of cash to publish your book.

Of course, that creates another problem. You now have way too much competition to deal with. Okay, I know I always say you’re not competing with anyone. But, I have something different in mind when I say competition here.

Basically, since there are so many authors and speakers out there, you have to really position yourself as the definitive authority so you don’t have to compete. You just need the RIGHT coaching. Anyway…

I spent $9,850 to publish my first book. Today, all you need is just a few hundred dollars. Isn’t that amazing? You might be saying, “Rene, show me how to print a book for just a few hundred dollars?” Sure. Let me show you.

On Demand Book Publishing Is How You Do It

In the past, once your book is written, you had to send it to a traditional book printing house. They would create plates, type setting, and a bunch of other stuff. Which means it would cost you a lot of money. And, you would have to print a minimum of 500 books.

Depending on the size of your book or whether you want hardcover or paperback, the cost would be anywhere from $3 to $6 per book. Now, I’m assuming you didn’t write an encyclopedia with 1,000 pages.

Guess what? Today, you can print as many as 2 books at a time. That is called short run book printing. Yes, you read it right. In fact, if you want one book, you can print one. There are no more boundaries. All that is required of you is to write the book.

3 Ways To Publish Your Book On A Dime Through On Demand Book Publishing

1- Check Out Lighting Source

I have referred Lighting Source to several of my coaching clients. They do an awesome job. Just provide them with your final manuscript and they will take it from there.

They also do traditional printing. But, I encourage you to choose print on demand. There’s no need to have 500 books gathering dust in your garage.

Here’s the best part: You don’t have to worry about ISBN, layout, book cover design, etc. They will take care of everything. And, it’s amazingly cheap.

Lighting Source is owned by Ingram Book Distribution, which is the largest book distributor in the world. You will be in good hands. They will take good care of you.

2-Create Space

This book on the demand publishing resource is owned by It’s really easy to publish your book with Create Space. Just upload your file, use their available resources and you are good to go.

With Create Space, you can almost publish your book free. I say almost because they have services you can buy a la carte. For example, you can pay $120 for basic editing for up to 10,000 words.

But, I’m sure you can find a much better deal on a freelancer site. Granted you have to know exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes you can lose a lot money using cheap help if you don’t know how to go about it.

3- Book Baby

Yes, Book Baby is owned by CD Baby. They are a big company on the Internet. Musicians love them. They make it very easy as well. You should check them out. They just started their book publishing division.

How To Make Your Book Available At Bookstores

How To Make Your Book Available At Major Bookstores

I’m going to keep this section short and sweet. You see, when you use Lighting Source, Create Space or Book Baby, your book will automatically be available at all major bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Hudson Booksellers.

Your book will also be available at all online bookstores such as That is REALLY amazing! I think you should get very excited. Didn’t I tell you the game of book publishing has changed? Do you how you can ride the wave of change?

On Demand Book Publishing Can Be Expensive

I want to warn you that on demand book publishing can be expensive. The less books you order, the more money it costs per book. Although, I told you that  you can print one or two books, you should consider ordering a minimum of fifty if you can afford it.

There you have it. I just gave my best and highest recommendations to get your book published. It’s time to take massive action to finally get that book out. Please stop procrastinating. Discipline to write that book!