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In this video, I reveal the number one secret to public speaking. It’s not enough to be clever in front of an audience.

In fact, they will not remember your brilliant points after the speech. They will not remember your powerpoints. But they will remember the stories you tell.

That’s why storytelling in public speaking is a must. It’s the one skill you have to master.

Whether you are giving a wedding toast, speaking at your family reunion, or giving a presentation at work, you need to share stories.

The people who changed the world through words use stories to persuade, motivate, and evoke emotion in their listeners. They mesmerize them with highly charged and emotional hooks through stories.

Now, of course, there are so many different kinds of stories. But it doesn’t matter. You just need to keep in mind that when you are speaking in public, you need to carefully select a few stories to engage your audience.

Yes, you must make a point. You cannot just tell a story for the sake of telling it. The audience is always silently saying, “What’s the point?” or “get to the point.” Do you see what I mean?

When you can masterfully use a story to illustrate a point, your message will stick. You are able to engage and connect with your audiences.