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Alright, here’s a question someone asked me. I want everyone to benefit from my answer.

So how can I get started! I’ve always wanted to speak to people about the love of Christ, but I’m not a preacher, minister or pastor. I’m just a everyday person with something big on the inside. I’m ready to step out!

Hi Tonya,

I’m so busy with projects. That’s why it takes so long to respond. The way to start is to start. Don’t wait until things are in the right order. You don’t need any qualifications. You just need to connect with people on an emotional level.

And that happens when you know their pains. Of course, your pains are theirs as well. People don’t care or check where a doctor went to school or even if they went to school. If you can help them with their pains, you are in.

Take the first step. Write an article. Create a ten minutes audio. Call a small church in your area to offer a complimentary training or speech.

Finally, join Toasmasters International in your area.