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Make Money Speaking

For a long time I tried not to engage in any negative exchange on my sites. I’m really not very confrontational at all. But I think this time I need to speak my mind.

A woman contacted me a few weeks ago. She wanted some information on my coaching program. Someone from my office spoke to her and gave the info she needed. In fact, I also spoke to her on the phone as well.

A few weeks later, she called again. This time she wanted to know about my credentials. She wanted to know what coaching school I attended. She also wanted to know what kind of certification I offer after my speaking for a living training.

As soon as she started asking these questions, I decided that I did not want to coach her. First, I don’t really wish to do much in the area of one-on-one coaching. It can be draining. I have too much on my plate. This is why I’m very selective on who I accept in my coaching program.

The reality is, anyone can be a coach. It’s like this: If the race to the top is a thousand miles and you are at the hundredth mile line, you can coach and teach those who are at mile number one. You have earned your qualification.

It’s About Results, Not Certification

People don’t buy certification. They buy results. For example, the lady who makes outgoing calls when an inquiry arrives at my office is a divorced coach ( One of her clients was going through a nasty divorce to the point where she was very depressed and wanted to give up on life.

Leisa was able to help her bounce back. Her client is very thankful for it. Things are now going great for her. Not one time during the process did the client ask for proof or certification. As a matter of fact, she gladly signed up for another three months. Why? Because she’s happy with the results.

The teaching point is this: As long as your clients are happy with the results, you are qualified to coach. Let me put it another way…

If you wake up tomorrow with a really bad toothache. You’re going to find the closest dentist in your neighborhood that can take care of that tooth for you.

You will NOT care if there’s a diploma on the wall and what school the doctor attended. All you care about is someone who can take away the pain from you. Right?

Of course, you need to investigate before you invest. But, in my case, you just type my name in Google and you’ll get tons of proof that I’m the guy who’s living the dream you want to live.

She Called Back Again

The same woman called my office back and left a voicemail. She wanted to know how much money speakers make. She wants to know how she is going to be able to recoup the money she is spending. Although, I’m not sure where she’s spending her money.

Basically, she wants me to guarantee her that she will make money. How in the world do I know how much money she can make?

Look, I make no claim of income. It all depends on how much you are willing to put into it. Many talented and brilliant speakers started around the same time I did.

They couldn’t make it work. They went back to work. Yet, many others became wildly successful. The difference is not about talents or skills. It’s about commitment and determination.

Besides, there’s no guarantee in life. Okay, let’s say there’s only one guarantee. You will die one day. Other than that, life is a series of risks. You have to take them. If you are not dancing on the edge and taking some risks, you’ll always remain in the position or situation you are currently in. That means doing nothing is a risk in and of itself.

Service Vs Money

Early on in my speaking career, I made a huge mistake. I became a hustler. My focus was on money and things. After all, I’m living in a society that put a big emphasis on material possessions. It’s easy to become your environment.

The more money I made, the more I wanted. Simply put, it was all about ME. Now, I don’t live an extravagant life. I still live in the same little house I lived for the past twenty years. I drive a BMW for a specific reason. But I won’t get into that now.

By the way, did you know that multi-billionaire Warren Buffet still lives in the same modest house he bought years ago for $30,000? One day, I will write a blog post about this topic. It will be a wake up call for you. But Let’s get back to money.

As you might know, money and things don’t bring happiness. Think of all the rich people in Hollywood. They have lots of money. Yet, almost all of them are not happy. They are miserable! Just so you know, making more money will not make you happy. It’s an illusion.

Service is what triggers happiness. You are happy when you make someone else happy. It’s when you are truly connected with God. Luke 12:31 tells us this: “Seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” To me, this is the most profound lesson in the Bible.

The word kingdom tells me there’s no lack. You see, when you lose yourself in service, you are seeking the kingdom. Service is not about you and the things you want. It’s about uplifting and edifying God’s people.

What’s remarkable about this is, all the things you want will come to you when you lose yourself in service. Throughout history, people who lose themselves in service never lack anything. Jesus came to serve and offer His life as the ultimate sacrifice. He did not lack anything.

Mother Theresa did not lack anything. By the way, she was not poor. If she wanted to give you one million dollars, she had access to it. The gurus who dedicate their lives to serving others always have plenty to keep serving and helping.

Sorry if I got a bit spiritual on you for a moment. But my point is this: As long as you keep pursuing the so-called success for your own self-interest, your struggles will never end. Even if you do get the money, you will have a miserable life. You will not be happy.

Everyday, you should ask yourself how can you make someone happy? How can you serve someone? What can you say in a video, article, or blog post to inspire someone to keep pressing on in spite of the challenges? How can you help someone make their dream become a reality?

Look, you don’t need a big stage to start doing so. You can start now with your acquaintances, friends, co-workers, and family members. You can serve those who are within your reach right now.

When people get a sense that you are truly out to make them happy and help them get what they want, they will voluntarily throw money at you. It may not happen at the beginning. But, sooner or later, it will happen.

I know I talk about making money in the videos I shared with you. But, that’s just to get your attention. Without getting your attention, I can’t share the essence of my message with you. Just keep that in mind.

Charity Vs Speaking For A Living

Now, I’m not telling you to start a charity. Although it would be a great idea to start one in addition to your business. I’m not telling you not to charge for your products or services. I’m rather telling you to focus on service. Think about how you can serve and help.

For example, I charge a fee to speak at events. But, I’m always challenging myself to serve my audience extremely well. My focus is how to help my audience improve their condition. By the way, that’s a surefire way to wipe out your fear on stage.

If a company calls and tells me they don’t have money, I will not accept the engagement. I need the money. I need it mostly to go and serve poor people in remote villages in my country.

I don’t have any problem with making money. The problem is with selfishness and greed. The problem is when the focus is on money. I want you to make beaucoup money. Make it so you can serve the unfortunate people who are beaten, sick, dejected, and neglected.

There’s something funny about money. The more you pursue it, the more it tends to run away from you. The more you cuddle and hug it, the more it makes you sick mentally or even physically. You see, money is like blood. It must flow or it will create blood clots and make you sick.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Am I over acting?