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Shy Motivational Speaker

I just finished coaching a client, and I was shocked at a couple of things she said. I could not believe it!

She basically gave me all the excuses in the book in order to avoid drumming up some speaking engagements. She told me that she was too busy to go out and meet people. She also said that she is shy.


If you are a shy motivational speaker, you need to do something about it now or find another profession.

How in the world can someone be a motivational speaker and he or she is shy? I don’t get it.

Now, I am not saying you cannot be shy. After all, I was a very shy person. My first speaking engagement at a Toastmaster Club was a disaster. Yes, I bombed. I was extremely shy. My hands were shaking with the lectern.

Well, when I realized there’s no way I could become a highly paid keynote speaker by being a shy motivational speaker, I fixed that quick. I know what you are thinking.

“How did you get over you shyness, Rene?”

The answer is simple:

  1. I nipped it in the bud by telling myself to cut that out
  2. I put myself in situations to confront my shyness
  3. I did what I was afraid of

I wish I had a real secret to share with you about being shy. But, I don’t. You simply have to confront your fears. Dare to do the things that scare the hell out of you in spite of your fear. Got it?

Look, you did not come out of your mother’s womb as a shy person. Something happened along the way when you were a kid. Perhaps you grew up with shy people. I don’t know. What you must keep in mind is this; you can go from shyness to courage if you want to.

Sorry. I digressed. Here’s the fundamental lesson I want to share with you here.

You cannot build a business incognito. Stop being invisible. You are not in the secret service. You are running a business. And it makes absolutely no difference what business you are in.

Meeting Planners Cannot Hire You To Speak If They Don’t Know You Exist.

They cannot buy your products or services if they don’t know about them. You have to be everywhere. People have to know and remember you.

  1. Your calendar should never have a bunch of blank spots in it
  2. Go where the people gather
  3. Make sure every week that you, at least, attend three networking events

In the US and Canada, there are hundreds of networking events every day. If your country or city does not have those kinds of events, create yours. Bring some businesses together to share ideas and leads. Invite some people to come and discuss how to get ahead in life.

To this day, some of my best clients come from the networking events I attend. Sometimes, I make a connection with a person who is not in a position to hire me. But, guess what?

They know someone they can refer me to. At the very least, they can buy my book, CD, or DVD. In some cases, they have an idea I can use to build my business. Please do not prejudge anyone.

Do you see what I mean?

Oh, just for the records, my client gave me the permission to write this. She felt like my feedback was awesome. She wanted to make sure all of you learn about it.

Just like her, she wants you to pledge that you will never be a shy motivational speaker. Be visible! Go tell the world about what you do. Let others feel your passion and fire.

By the way, stop being invisible now and here. People need to know about you. Share your feedback with me.