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“Discover How You Can Become A Highly Paid
Motivational Speaker That Gets Booked
Consistently On The Speaking Circuit”

drop cap letterou are about to discover the exact step-by-step system that helped me to go from being a doorman making $5 measly dollars an hour as a doorman to making $7,500 for a hour speech.. History has revealed that the people who never get to the pinnacle of success are the ones who have always been indecisive.

It’s not that they don’t know what they want. Although not knowing what we want to be when we grow up is a big problem, I happen to believe many happen to know what they want. They have heard the calling. Their friends told them about over and over. But they are hesitant to take action.

Fear has a stronghold on them. Hopefully, this not you I’m describing. You are a person who face your fears and take the necessary steps to achieve success.

Let me make a confession I have not make in public before. When I decided I wanted to be a motivational speaker, I was so terrified to take the leap. It took me a long time before I mustered enough courage to go for it. What is so amazing is the fact when I actually took the first few steps, I didn’t have any more then before. Here’s what I say this…

You probably are thinking you need some special skills or education to start. Or you might be thinking you need a certain amount of money start. Listen, STOP thinking that way! That is nothing but a pile of excuses to keep stuck where you are. Don’t let you brain play tricks on you.

When I started I have absolutely nothing. No resources. No connections. I didn’t even know why a meeting planner would choose me out of a bunch of veteran and over qualified motivational speakers to keynote a conference.

Really. I was a doorman with no formal education in America. No body has heard of me from Adam. I mean, I had to a lot to do to prove I was worthy to get the speaking gigs. I’m talking a lot! Heck, I even had to punish my tongue day and night to force it to pronounce English some what decent. At least, the audience deserves to understand me.

Okay, are you convinced you are more than ready and qualified to start? Well go ahead and join now.

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