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It Isn’t About Your Impressive Background Or Education

I’m VERY serious about it. Regardless of your background or education, with little efforts, you can become an authority in your field in no time.

Let’s see, diet is one topic that has been around for hundreds of years if not thousands. I don’t think someone can come up with new concepts or ideas about it.

But do you notice how many books are written on diet? Are these authors saying anything new?  No. I think they are saying the same things in a different way.

I’ll never forget when Dr. Phil, the television self-help guru, became a best seller for his book on dieting. He had a big show about dieting on prime time television where millions watched. I thought to myself, “What qualifies this man to talk about dieting?”

Nothing! Except his bragging rights about the fact that he said his brother died of obesity.

My friend, if you really take the time to know how, you can join the ranks of experts in your field in a relatively short time. You see being an authority is the fastest way to make it in the speaking industry today and command big fees.

The days when one could cook up a bunch of empty platitudes, clichés and book reports are long gone. People want to hear your opinion.

They want to know that you OWN the topic. They want to walk away with a fresh spin on what they already knew. But more importantly, they want you to tell them what to do right after they hear you to get better results in their lives.

Make sense? Great!

That’s how you move an audience. And like I said, everyone is capable of positioning himself or herself as the divine expert in a field. Here’s how…