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Have A Question For Rene On How To Become A Motivational Speaker?

I’m a full time motivational speaker. I get paid thousands of dollars for one hour to keynote conferences.

WhenI started, I had no connections and resources. I was a doorman at a hotel in Atlanta making $4.25 an hour plus some tips.

There were many doubters around who didn’t believe I could make it as a motivational speaker. I proved them wrong. I took off faster than most. My success surprised even some of the top speakers.

Now I want to share my tips, insights, and secrets with you. Go ahead and ask your question. I can’t promise that you will get an answer right away. However, I will do my best to give some answers.

“When people count you out and say it’s impossible, it’s because it’s impossible for them. Always keep in mind that people cannot see you where they cannot see themselves.”-Rene Godefroy